Sunday, January 12, 2014

find a penn dentist

Looking to switch your dentist? Did you move to a new area? All in all, are you looking for a dentist in your area?

In addition to our three Penn faculty practices around Philadelphia and the dental school itself, you can use this “Find a Penn Dentist” database to locate a Penn alum near you.

I looked up Penn dentists near Houston near Rice University. There are only two Penn dental grads within 10-mile radius: Dr. Eric Choudhury and Dr. Alma Payumo at Choudhury Dental Center.


Does this mean I should move to Houston post-graduation? I do love the Texas Medical Center and the beautiful West University neighborhoods. We’ll see.

You can even search specific specialties to find who you are looking for. I think this database is great even for current dental students and dentists looking to connect with fellow Penn dental graduates. I wish I’d known about it when I was living in Houston and working on dental school applications!


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