Thursday, January 16, 2014

lab advice: name on everything.

For lab, we get a standardized set of dental laboratory supplies/equipment. Because everyone gets the same thing, it is easy to get things mixed up with your neighbor especially in the frantic hustle of preclinic.

I learned (after losing a plastic spatula and a plastic hatchet) to put names/marks on everything and to double-check before leaving the clinic. I lost my high-speed instrument last year- how the heck did I forget a $1000 piece of equipment? Thankfully someone kind returned it but until I found it, my entire week was ruined.

2014-01-08 12.04.34

Bri-cheesy got me these stickers and I just adore them. She ordered these personalized ones for me- I think these would be a perfect gift for current/future dental students. I took a sleeve of these to school and went crazy with the stickers.

This week was… interesting. Sometimes I think dental school is my clutch excuse. Saying I’m busy with school can be a good believable excuse when people say: why aren’t you dating, you should pursue your interests, why not learn so-and-so?

Anyway, thank you because it’s just almost Friday (ten minutes away)! I’ve been able to catch the sunset after class.

2014-01-12 20.07.41

Speaking of sunsets, preclinic is really winding down- 20 days left officially! We’ll get out clinic assignments at the end of this month.

One more practical exam. I’m crossing my fingers that our professor will be nice and tell us ahead what we’ll be tested on. Sometimes the tooth is unannounced (#15 or #30!) but this time it’s the kind of provisional- direct or indirect.


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