Wednesday, January 29, 2014

practical exams are O-V-E-R

We are completely done with practical exams!!!!! As of this morning, 12:05PM, we are completely done with the preclinical exam portion of dental school our lives.

We had to make an acrylic provisional fixed partial denture aka “bridge” on #9-11. Like this:


Only we had to refine it, check the occlusion, and polish it up to make it shiny and pretty. We spent many hours smelling monomer, watching the pretty snow fall outside dental school (caged) windows, and making limited choices from the sold-out vending machine… But we’re done. Joy.


I’m picking up some of the things I neglected over the last few days… I was really nervous hitting the publish button on this post this Sunday but the support and love I received has been so great. Thank you for the FB messages/hugs/texts.