Tuesday, February 25, 2014

15 months in braces so far

My braces are going! The big part of my finishing phase is taking care of that stubborn uncooperative molar. I shouldn’t be telling you this because I’m supposed to talk positively to that tooth, those PDL ligaments.

At the last appointment, we engaged this molar to pull it mesially towards my midline. I was in SO much pain for the first three days. I ate exclusively on the other side and when I bit down accidentally on that molar, tears came to my eyes.

But after just one week I can see the molar is moving! It’s making progress and since I spend no less than fifteen minutes each day (using our GRD red roll periodontal probe & mouth mirror) to look into my own dentition, I see it’s moving. So exciting.

We’re going to practice bonding brackets and attaching wires soon. My classmate borrowed a dentoform from an upperclassmen and the mannequin was my braces twins:


My thoughts about orthodontics as a specialty for me: I don’t know. I love immediate feedback and I like quick results. I love power-hour-ing for an intense time period where everything else fades away and at the end of it all, something wonderful comes out of it. (Yes, I love endodontics.)

I’m still young. I don’t have to make this decision until next year. Or even for a few years after that. This recent realization has given me a lot of peace.


  1. It’s really annoying when your teeth doesn’t want to cooperate with your brace; however, you should not lose patience. Good thing you stated that problem to your orthodontist and your braces are properly adjusted. How are you now? I hope you’re not experiencing any pain in your teeth. :)

    Elliot Bagley

    1. Much better! Thank you. One of my favorite perks about having my ortho done where I work/study is that I can hop over right away.

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