Wednesday, February 26, 2014

best thing about preclinic GRD lab

It’s weird not being in lab. I wrote you that our GRD class wrapped up and our endodontic module is wrapping up too (we just had our didactic exam today!). Pretty soon we won’t be in that basement laboratory.

There had been a “pothole” in my bay and we saw that it had been fixed… like this:

rad interior design

Instead of a spot where it could have been a “Drop-Whatever-Safe-Zone” facilities copied that tantalizing splattered pattern right onto the new floor.

Okay, I just had the craziest thought. What if they deliberately made it difficult to pick up things we drop on the floor to discourage us from being careless? That would make a LOT more sense than having this crazy pattern in the very lab we work with tiny things at our fingertips.

get organized

So about the title: something I loved about being in lab was listening to tons of music, podcasts and NPR. A couple of my favorites:

- Redeemer App with sermons by Tim Keller of NYC
- CBC’s Wire Tap with Jonathan Goldstein (just try not to laugh!)
- Slate’s Culture Gabfest- to catch up on all the wonderful culture gems out there… to appreciate later.

Plus I asked friends to send me artist recommendations and playlists on Spotify. The extent of my music knowledge comes from Glee so this was something fun and enjoyable I looked forward to while in lab.

This makes me wonder: how did dental students spend hours in lab when there wasn’t iPhones and mp3 players?