Thursday, February 13, 2014

first local anesthetic injection!

Today’s another snow day at Penn. It’s been snowing SO much this year! I finally had to give in and buy a puffy down jacket. Today I went outside to take out the trash and I couldn’t even see the stairs buried in snow. Meanwhile, Texas is sunny and warm as usual.

This week was a big occasion: I practiced my first local anesthetic injection. We injected each other & learned what it feels like to be injected too.


Thank you, HandiCaine stix for making injections less painful. Also, knowing that my partner Tanya was careful & calm made the experience SO much better. I hardly felt a thing! Even the injection on my palate was just a quick small pinch.

Our oral surgery resident reminded us to ASK the patient to cooperate. For example, the posterior superior alveolar block is much easier if the patient moves her jaw to that side and closes a little bit.

At Penn dental, we learn and practice for two years and begin clinic summer after second year. We’re working our way through the transitional steps to working on a REAL dental patient. Our mannequin definitely didn’t feel pain and didn’t complain when we made him do a headstand. ;)


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