Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day of love. I’m a huge fan of the quote: “There is no love, only proofs of love”. My friend Tiffany reminds me that loving someone is not enough- you have to make them feel loved.

Here’s my Valentine’s Day present. I spent hours upon hours in lab & had a moment of agony and pain when I thought I had lost it on our speckled floor. (Later I found it in my scrubs pocket!!!) I was crawling on the floor in search of this 12-carat baby. It’s our first full metal gold crown. Prepped and invested, polished and cemented on our plastic tooth #30.

So yeah, it means a lot.


About making the person feel loved, I think the same goes for self-love. I would never treat a loved one with the way I’ve been treating myself: beat-up’s over past mistakes, sleep deprivation, popcorn for dinner, etc… My friend Jackie encouraged me to practice self-care- I love this idea. On our Thursday snow day I spent extra hours in bed and sipped on hot tea with milk. Lovely.


Today is also a big day because a classmate and I are launching a happiness initiative for Penn dental. It’s an online collaborative project. We want to include emotional well-being in our everyday conversation as dental students. Struggles, successes, challenges, high-fives, all in our community. I would love to get feedback and comments about the idea- so here it is: Max and Mandy Project.

How are you expressing love on this Valentine’s Day?
What’s your favorite way to say “I love you”- to yourself?


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