Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oral Cancer Walk is coming…

On March 29th, Penn Dental Medicine is hosting our annual Oral Cancer Walk & 5k. Drop by & get a free screening, walk/run on our beautiful Locust Walk!

I had the chance to meet the family featured in our palm cards at last year’s Oral Cancer Walk & 5k last year. It is a great community event bringing Philadelphia & Penn community together. So much energy, so much excitement on a Saturday morning.

The dentist is the first line of defense in diagnosing oral cancer. Now that we’re taking pathology in dental school, I recognize that the pictures are actually what my patients may look like- this summer.

Sign up here! Winking smile


  1. Coool!
    Service, Peace & Health for you!

  2. this thing you need to check out that your dentist may perform an oral brush biopsy if he sees tissue in your mouth that looks suspicious. This test is painless and involves taking a small sample of the tissue and analyzing it for abnormal cells. Alternatively, if the tissue looks more suspicious, your dentist may recommend a scalpel biopsy. This procedure usually requires local anesthesia and may be performed by your dentist or a specialist. These tests are necessary to detect oral cancer early, before it has had a chance to progress and spread. Thanks for sharing article this thing gonna help to spread awareness in the society.