Monday, February 17, 2014

winter blues

Can you believe we’ve had FOUR snow days so far? Compared to a total of ZERO my first year of dental school this is crazy. Not to mention that there’s been no sun for the last week. I feel like this snowman I saw on Penn campus:

paths2 (640x478)

The last three weeks have worn me out, leading up to the end of our preclinic GRD lab. Studying in the library, going over laboratory procedures, finishing up preclinic assignments…  During our unexpected snow day, I woke up gloriously late and walked around in my pajamas all day. But that still wasn’t enough because this weekend all I wanted to do was stay in bed.

Plus seeing first year dental students stressing about their anterior incisor & premolar wax-up’s has me worked up too. Because I feel for them- everything looks rosy in hindsight but in the beginning, you always lack have that perspective. Hearing my friend say she broke down in lab yesterday made me ache with all my heart.

3 week plus

I’ve also noticed that my high stress level makes me less sympathetic and less generous to others. Because in my responding to others’ distress, I recognize that I’m stressed out myself. It’s like that saying: only the rich can afford to be generous.

This weekend I kept texting my friends and asking: “Am I supposed to be studying right now?” Even when we don’t have stuff to do, I worry I’m forgetting something for dental school. I honestly think it’s the lack of sunshine getting me down and all the penguin walk on icy sidewalks, making me cautious. We need a little sunshine around here, out of the basement, soaking up the sun on full blast.


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