Monday, March 3, 2014

do you have what it takes to be a dental student?

So you shadowed your favorite dentist. You took a tour of your dream dental school. You start writing “D.M.D.” after your signature. Well, is dental school right for you? More importantly, do you have what it takes to be a dental student? Take this quick 5-minute quiz to find out.

1. Imagine it takes you four hours to prepare these two teeth (you will learn about these Class II preps in dental school). The average dentist does them in fifteen minutes. Your neighbor does them in thirty minutes. How do you feel?

outline is questionable but still clean cut happy

A. “I’ll get there someday! I just gotta practice.”
B. “Hold on while I cancel all my weekend plans… GARHEWEWE@#.”
C. “I’m never going to get better. I’m going to refer all my Class II cavities to this classmate here.”
D. “This is my quarter-life crisis. Time to find another career!!!”

2. If you folded the pattern on the left to a 3D figure, what would it look like?

dat-ques-9question source

E. “Hold on, I’m grabbing my scissors and tape…”

3. How thick is this line?


A. 1mm
B. 0.5mm
C. 0.25mm
D. 0.49 apples

4. How do you feel about acrylics in your hair?


A. “I don’t mind getting a little messy- I can use my triple syringe for a mini blow-out!”
B. “Now people will think my dandruffs are just acrylic bits!”
C. “Unless it’s part of my intentional styling, definitely no.”
D. “ACRYLICS? I think I’m allergic.”

5. Now imagine your preparation on from Question 1. You unintentionally drill through the tooth, breaking into two. How do you react?

A. A little upset but back to work like a busy little bee.
B. Take a fifteen minute break (turned 2-hour Neflix session). Come back. Breathe.
C. Cry.
C. Start saving up for a 3D printer.


Except for Question 2, none of these questions have correct answers, although some are more appropriate than others. ;) There are bad days, and then there are good days. Hopefully you start twisting enough bad days into good days to keep going. Dental school is a lot of learning, like the first time you start learning how to ride a bicycle or how to swim freestyle. It comes to you in waves- in time. Keep patience and gratitude in handy.