Friday, March 14, 2014

meet juliana, this blog’s biggest fan.

I am back from spring break! It was the most rejuvenating week a girl could ever ask for. On the last night, Juliana and Laura read through my pre-spring break blog post to make sure we’d done everything I’d been anticipating. So I got my group hug morning before we left for the airport!!!

Okay, so this blog is about Juliana. We joked about some requirements she must pass (become a dentist/ marry a dentist/ touch a dentist?) to be “featured” but here it is. Here is Jules, me and Laura at Chuy’s in Houston.

2014-03-07 16.04.24

Here is how to be this blog’s biggest fan (aka Juliana aka Julsiepops):

- Quotes “D is for Dentist” directly? Check.
- Has a “D is for Dentist” theme song? Check.
- Checks “D is for Dentist” in her law school classes? Check.
- Typing D in her browser pulls up “D is for Dentist”? Check.

Juliana seriously showed me so much love for this blog! She made me laugh SO MUCH every time she referred to a fact about me as “Oh, I read that on ‘D is for Dentist’”. Haven’t you heard? It’s the quotable authoritative source on all things Yesle and all things dentist.

Since both Laura and Juliana are wrapping up their final semester in law school, they were nostalgic/reflective about these last three years. (Also, watching “Law and Order” takes on a whole new meaning when you watch it with future lawyers…)

Selfie waiting for Usher at the rodeo- thanks to Jules’ long arms ushering

It was also a chance for me to think about my past two years at UPenn dental too. What skills have I learned in dental school? What life lessons and what about myself? Something Laura said that’s been on my mind ever since we left:

Right now, it’s fine for us to say “school is my life!”. But it’s sad when someone says “work is my life!”- or at least, we don’t want to live that way. So sometime between now and graduating, school is going to transition into work and it will no longer be the most important piece in our life pie chart. So how to make that change?

I say this always, I’ll say it again. These HOMEWORK OF LIFE are huge. I don’t know if anyone truly has it figured out. But with friends like these, I feel like everything’s going to be just fine.

So here’s to my fellow ENFJ (I just wrote “I feel” the sentence before!!!!), future prosecutor, my favorite Colombian and the sexiest voice in all of the South, Jules. Thanks for being this blog’s biggest fan.

bfastingHere’s me with double Jules. (Sorry Laura…Smile with tongue out)


  1. Love you and love this!!! <3 <3
    So happy you came and visited!!

    -Juliana aka Julsiepop aka disfordentist fan!

    1. Hehehe I loved seeing your life and going to Ralphs(?) and Whole Foods.

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