Saturday, March 15, 2014

other people’s (teeth) problems

This week I Skyped with my little brother (who’s recently turned 21!). He’s going through ortho treatment of his own and was telling me all about his teeth problems fixing his Class II Division II occlusion.


He told me all about his current treatment referring to them in Universal Numbering System. He also told me: “I found my teeth doppleganger!” He then played me a clip where Emily Kinney is talking and proceeded to point out how her anterior teeth are reclined.


I am impressed because Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney does indeed have Class II Division II. I don’t know who the dentist is in the family anymore. ;)

Also on my vacation, we got to discuss teeth! Bite problems, gum showing on smiles, young/old smiles, all that crazy occlusion orthodontic things I’ve learned in dental school.

Finally in my life, my school/career/work is something people find interesting and conversation worthy. When I was a budding biochemist, I talked about mice strains and fruit flies and all these complex gene regulating systems that were too basic to draw out a bigger conclusion or have an engaging discussion.

It was great to talk about smiles and occlusion in concrete terms. People intuitively know when a celebrity’s smile is “off” or something about their bite is different but can’t attribute it to concrete concepts. So… enter me the dental student and we talk about teeth for an hour.


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  3. “It was great to talk about smiles and occlusion in concrete terms.” – I agree. It’s pretty hard to talk about medical treatments, especially dental care, when you’re talking with someone who doesn’t know the appropriate terms. If you want to take good care of your teeth, you’ll have to know the basic terms that go with good oral hygiene. How are you now, Yesle? :)

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