Sunday, March 30, 2014

productive procrastination

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday we had our Philly Oral Cancer Walk. Penn School of Dental Medicine has been hosting this event for the past six years and it’s been getting bigger every year! I got to chat with volunteers and oral cancer survivors/patients at the event while volunteering yesterday morning. I’ll write about it soon.

Onto procrastination. When I have an exam coming, I find myself doing everything not studying to pass the time. Everything from my to-do list gets checked off while studying? Not so much. Instead of studying, I walked to and from the kitchen grabbing tea and coffee and water.


So I finally attacked the pile of GRD supplies and extra teeth in the corner. It was actually really fun to shuffle through the plastic teeth I’d practiced on: those acrylic provisionals, vacuform shells, crowns and veneer preps…


I remembered the joy and fear and anticipation I felt all the while in lab & the amazing sense of accomplishment when it all wrapped up. I also had a moment of immense pride when I thought about how BIG and LOOMING our preclinic GRD seemed at the time. But I did learn so much & now I am moving onto clinic! (TWO MONTHS!) This break was more of a conscious pause than lazy procrastination.


I also clicked around to read this article on Levo League which reinforced something the lovely Juliana had recently told me:

And our work is very much an extension of a very deep part of ourselves: our personality, experiences, desires, dreams, values and fears… We receive feedback on a piece of work and we feel bad because we believe we are bad or not good enough.

So after “procrastinating” for a bit, I have some inspiring words and an organized tidy corner of my room. After all, I think it’s all about reframing the situation- like how Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are “unconsciously uncoupling”.


How do you “productively” procrastinate?


  1. Oh I am quite the expert on productive procrastination - clean my neglected room, blog, browse recipes, discover new artists on Spotify, schedule how I will spend the rest of my night once I actually do get to work...But hey, it seems to work out okay to have occasional little bouts of energy focused somewhere besides my studies :) By the way, apps open in May/June, so be on the lookout in the coming months for if/when I get an interview!

    1. Ooooh so exciting- interview season! You'll have tons of traveling in your future. At least you have a clean room and got many other things done? ;)