Thursday, March 6, 2014

spring break just in time: Texas

Sometimes there is no way to flip your weaknesses. Especially when they make you unfitting for something you really want and someone you really want to be. Impulsivity does not befit a parachute jumper. Impatient bakers will never bake the perfect bread.

I am nothing without my emotions. I feel more than I think. I am applying to an RA-of-sorts next year for undergraduates and at my interview, got too emotional at an imaginary scenario. I teared up at an imaginary person!!! Doesn’t get much more emotional than that… The details were just too real and hit so close to home, the feelings of inadequacy, here’s an imposter.

I like that I feel with my entire being. It’s what makes me ME. But when this gets in the way of what I want, it pains me. Do I need to change who I am if I want to get certain things? I don’t know.

But it’s spring break. And I’m leaving to Texas. It feels like a homecoming.

sb it up

In less than twelve hours: margarita’s, drive-through coffee shops, group hugs, green grass and open road, funnel cake in sunglasses, DANCING. A breather in the middle of dental school.

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