Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the wrong dental school?

One suggestion I got from Juliana about my blog was to include the everyday details of my dental school life. So I’ll tell you what I had for breakfast first. Since we didn't have class this morning, I ate a leisurely breakfast with okra- it is one of my favorite vegetables in the world.

Today I had a conversation with a dental school classmate which startled me and provoked me- in a good way. She said, “I think you should have gone to a Pass/Fail school. It’s more your personality.”

I laughed it off and we jokingly talked about how I’ll transfer to Columbia University and get a DDS there. But what she said lingered on long after our conversation- had I chosen the wrong dental school?


As you know, Penn dental is not a Pass/Fail school. We get letter grades for almost every class. Here’s what she meant: from her point of view (probably compared to herself), I don’t study as hard. I don’t have a 4.0, I don’t clear my schedule if I have an exam that week. I take long trips before big exams. I sleep eight hours a night, every night. I’m not going to make Penn’s top 20. I’m not even top 20 percent.

It’s true I would have stressed out less at a dental school with a Pass/Fail grading system. But who knows if I would have been pulling all-nighters for that elusive Honors? Everything is relative. Is it because we have letter grades for the other classes that we see P/F classes as relaxing?

I’ll never know. Somewhere out there maybe is a parallel universe with a parallel Yesle who went to that P/F dental school.

Double twins in North Carolina- this was Laura’s screen saver in NOLA!twinsiesdouble

I can keep wondering how different my life could have been. But I choose to be happy today with the Yesle that chose Penn dental with its H/A/B+/B/C+/C/F’s. It’s an alphabet soup but it’s one that I know and live in.

Have you ever thought: I chose the wrong school?
What did you do?


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  3. Don't look back...keep going! You're so right, everything is relative.

  4. Good Blog. It's depend on you how to manage and study hard. Everything is alright and every dental school is good. Always be Positive :)

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