Sunday, April 13, 2014

everyone’s dental consult

This weekend, I contacted Juliana for some legal counsel. She’s the closest thing I have to my personal lawyer. Like if I were on Law and Order and I’d said “call my lawyer!” I’d mean Jules. (By the way, did everyone see the last episode with Olivia’s stalker??? Crazy!!!)

Then I got asked to consult an orthodontic case. Okay… it was an informal request from a friend. MJ is my oldest friend & she lives in Texas so of course I said yes!!! She even sent me scanned copies of her panoramic radiographs, intraoral photographs, and diagnosis + treatment plans to get my opinion.


I was so flattered. Okay, I’m not an orthodontist. I’m not even a dentist yet. But I have taken an orthodontics class & will soon be bonding brackets onto plastic teeth-ed mannequins. And I love teeth and occlusion- so I’ll talk about these things for hours. It was so interesting to see her current occlusion and think about how I would treat her then compare it with her actual treatment plan.

Today I got the most excited text from Jules who bought Crest’s new Be Unexpected Mint Chocolate Trek toothpaste. I love that I’ve found my niche in my friends’ heads! Teeth? Toothpaste? Dentist appointments? Let’s call Yesle.


  1. You are the cutest!!! I am so flattered to be your lawyer!! I love that I get awesome teeth recs from you!! Ps. the new toothpaste is awesome :) :)

    1. And when you need a dentist in Houston, I'll be there! <3