Friday, April 4, 2014

knowing your worry pattern

Perfect Thursday night- no exams in sight for this dental student for a whole week. I went through my old photos to find this one from graduation six years ago (and here I’m going to try embedding a tweet):

This is a freedom week! For me, at least. Because I worry around stressful events. Here’s what I mean: in talking to a friend about her weekend, she told me she worries when there is free time. There is nothing to distract her (aka exams). For me, I get more frantic when I am already stressed and instead of studying, I grab anything and everything else I can worry about. How does your stress level correlate with your exam schedule?


I love Rubin’s character quizzes, like this one to figure out if you are an Upholder, a Questioner, a Rebel, or an Obliger. I am definitely an Upholder- Rubin says I’m like Marnie on “Girls”. In identifying myself with a certain label, it’s easy for me to recognize my (sometimes faulty) pattern of thinking. It also helps me understand others by seeing that others think (and act) in different ways.


Since I’m an “peri-exam worrier”, I’m thriving this week. I’ve been waking up late, cooking in pans (not microwaves), having text marathons, and even reading luxuriously (without a timer). I’m trying to set up some regular habits that can carry over into the upcoming stressful weeks.

I’m telling you, dental school is a huge lesson in self-discovery- albeit a very expensive one.

Because I know every little altercation will amplify as HUGE with an exam the next day, I’m trying to build up my coping mechanisms to carry me through. Also, it’s a nice trade-off to talk to my “free-time worrier” friends. They calm me down (my crazy text storms!!!) the night before an exam. Then I chat with them when the exam passes.

Do you worry when there are exams (and no free time to spare)?
Do you worry when there aren’t?