Thursday, May 8, 2014

Broad Street Run 2014.

Is there a better place to live than Philly? This weekend’s Broad Street Run made me fall in LOVE with Philadelphia all over again.


The entire race takes place on Broad Street running North to South. The course passes by residential areas and Philly neighbors came out and sat on their porches to cheer for us. It was so wonderful. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time.



I love that it’s a Philly tradition and that the race takes place in early spring. I absolutely love running in the cold so I enjoyed training through the winter. The weather was cool and breezy day of the race; I didn’t pass out in a pool of sweat on Broad and Lombard. ;)


The race itself was pretty crowded too. I mean, 40,000 runners ran this race. I found someone to chase for a while then somebody else for another bit.

Half-marathons/10-milers are the perfect racing distance for me. The past ten weeks I’ve trained hard and consistently- but doably with my dental school schedule. The day of the race, I kept remembering all those moments I persevered through training: in the rain in Houston running to Rice, running in the snow with pedestrians cheering me on, and getting to the bridge only to find it frozen over. I ran a 1:38. My A-goal was 1:35 which, considering my bathroom break, I am happy with. I am itching to sign up for the next big race- maybe a fun one.

- Did you see this hilarious signs? “Worst parade ever”.
- Definitely learned Rule #5 the hard way: I stayed in my corral for 30 minutes before starting. Then I had to take a detour at mile 3 for a bathroom break for an entire song and a half.

What’s the best “fun” race you’ve ran? I want to do a color run or a zombie run next!


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