Friday, May 9, 2014

dental school life pictures

Told you! This painting is everywhere for us dental school folks.2014-05-05 20.22.52

The fourth years are graduating from dental school! They are going to be Penn dentists with DMD’s after their names!!!! (click on the link to find a Penn alum dentist near you!) 2014-05-08 18.02.26

And soon enough..jtmay

You knew that was coming. Even our president approves of this meme.

I’m slowly shaping up my summer! We have the NBDE Boards Part 1. 400 questions, 8 hours at Prometric Testing Center. BRING IT ON.


Loving the weather, loving the beautiful West Philly neighborhood. brunch wl

I’m excited to be sticking around this place next year too. Center City life was tempting, but there are still many places around this block I want to explore.

Off to school! Today we only have one class. Then lunch with my hard-working dentist-cheese.


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