Thursday, May 22, 2014

time to ortho bend in Texas

Pathology is officially over. I feel like I’ve slain a monster. Yes, I’m exhausted and tired but the happy feeling that this class is finished makes me so giddy.

And I’m going to Dallas tomorrow! A long weekend without any dental stuff!

Not quite- I’m taking all my adjunctive orthodontics things to wire bend. (Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like!!!) Wire bending is actually kind of relaxing…  We’re going to go to coffee shops and Alex is going to study for her boards, I am going to be bending wires. Best weekend ever. I really hope ortho pliers are on TSA’s OK-to-fly list…

Oh and Dave made me this heart. In the center are double half-helices to tie it together! Ortho can be fun.

2014-05-16 21.13.57

When I was little, my aunt and I made an entire bracelet out of wires. It was from one of those DIY craft kits from Michael’s. (Was anyone else obsessed with this store? I swear every Michael’s store smelled the same AND I LOVED THAT SMELL.)

Maybe I’ll pick it up again. These DIY bracelets do look very cute.


I really like wire bending.(Residents tell me that this wire bending isn’t really what everyday orthodontics looks like though.) Well, it can be my hobby… like sitting next to dainty ladies with their knitting and me with my pliers/wires.


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