Thursday, June 19, 2014

deciding to live alone & live near dental school

I took one step inside the apartment and it felt like home. It was above my budget but this was the apartment. After a few phone calls with the parents and some discussion about my finances, I signed the lease on my first grown-up apartment. Living alone.

In college, I always had roommates/suitemates/housemates. Although in my gap year, I was not technically living alone (all I had to do was walk down the steps of my garage apartment and I had a whole gaggle of kids running around the backyard), this shoebox was my own.


Moving to Philadelphia (in the city!) I figured it was safer to live with someone. I certainly didn’t want safety to be a big worry when I knew dental school was going to be the entrée on my life plate. So I decided to room with someone I had never met before. It turned out fantastic. (I dug up this post from when I first moved in and was all excited. Bonus: a pic of me without braces!) I had an easy friend and saved tons of money.

Ever since we wrapped up our didactic classes and pre-clinic laboratory this spring, I began working from home a lot. Making patient phone calls in private (HIPAA respect) and being able to put my phone not on silent are small but huge luxuries! And my room began to feel pretty small. Besides, turning 25 was huge for me and as a career woman in her “late” 20’s, I wanted to live alone. As simple as that.

It was another decision to live near dental school.

I am a huge believer in creating nourishing environments that make the right decisions easy. Even in the laziest of mornings, I’m more likely to go to class when dental school is only ten minutes away. I’ve been able to hop into dental school and ask insurance questions on my off-clinic days because it’s just so easy for me to drop by, living around the neighborhood.

Yeah, separation between school and play is very important to me, but I’ve learned there are other ways to do that besides physical distance. I would have to give up some space to live in Center City by myself.

In the end, I thought about space/cost, safety, and convenience. As long as my friends don’t make me read scary things on the internet, I think I’ll be okay.

Do you prefer living alone or with a roommate?
Do you have any awesome/OMG roommate stories?


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