Sunday, June 15, 2014

gift not a burden

I’ve been unwinding after dental school by watching Friday Night Lights. It has an ensemble cast of really interesting characters (including the greatest female role model I’ve seen on television, Tami Taylor played by Connie Britton) and features football in Texas.

NUP_100200_3025Picture source

In a scene where Eric and Tami try to figure out day care for their newborn, Eric says this:

“This isn’t a burden. It’s our gift.”

I immediately thought about our starting clinic… because I get stressed about seeing patients and everything that goes along with this, but it’s a privilege to have this problem.

Also… as the typical dental student I noticed Aimee Teegarden has the cutest teeth. She has prominent central incisors that make her look years younger.

aimeeteegarden_prom_2_waltdisneyfilmspicture source

Where do you get your (unexpected) wisdom bits from?


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