Monday, June 30, 2014

my typical day as a dental student

I’ve been meaning to do these posts for a while! I love getting a peak of everyone’s lives and I wanted to write about a typical day in the life of a dental student. Then we started clinic & my schedule did a 180-flip. After the immense popularity of Sharon’s post, I wanted to share my last Wednesday- sans the military time. Here we go.

7:15AM Alarm goes off! On clinic days I usually get up five minutes before the alarm. It’s a combination of nerves and excitement. Catch up with parents- the time difference between Korea and here makes my mornings a perfect time to chat. Scrubs on! Penn just started mandating scrubs for clinic. Each class has its own color and everyone has her name engraved.

9:00AM Grab coffee on the way to school and arrive at dental school. Look over today’s patient files & review radiographs.

day1 (800x600)

9:45AM Morning huddle with our faculty group leader. All the juniors and our clinic faculty gather for a little bit of pep talk and review what each one of us is doing for the day. My favorite part of the day, easily. Our leader Dr. Newell talks about making mistakes- we learn only by mistakes. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning.

I get one of the private operatories with a beautiful view of our courtyard. Whoo!

day 4

10:05AM First patient of the day! He’s here right on time. It’s our first time meeting each other. We go over his medical history, address chief complaint, and get to know each other. Two hours go by quick!

day 3.5

12:15-12:45PM Lunch! I learned that the secret is to pack little bites: yogurt, crackers and cheese, fruits and granola bars.

1:10PM Second patient of the day. One of my favorite patients, sweet sweet lady. I’m continuing to gather information on her so we can start treatment planning. First, I need to take a some X-ray radiographs to update her file. We take four bitewings and no caries that I can see! I take an impression to make a cast model of her mouth.

day 2

4: 45PM After the patient leaves, I head downstairs to pour up her diagnostic casts. I trim a set of casts I had poured the day before while waiting for this one to set. The yellow labstone takes about thirty minutes to harden.

day 5 (800x600)

6:20PM Both models trimmed! I’m off, clocking out! This isn’t even my dog; it’s Emily’s but he makes me smile so much. His name is Nico. I eat dinner while watching an episode of Friday Night Lights.

day 6 (451x800)

7:30PM Head out for my dance class! Wednesdays are SO much better with some jazz sashay’s.

9:30PM After dance, meet a friend for a long walk to the river. We catch up and laugh about dental school.

10PM Shower, finish up clinic notes, check email.

day 7 (800x600)

11:00PM Then I hit the bed. Clinic days are pretty hectic. I learned that I need to make clinic my main focus on my Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I see patients. I would love to read and get some studying done but for now, ZZZZZ.


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