Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pennsatucky teeth

Is anyone else loving Orange is the New Black? I got my Netflix account back just to watch Season 2. One character I am just fascinated by is Pennsatucky. She is a white-supremist, crazy religious, former drug addict. She is portrayed by Taryn Manning who really cleans up nicely.

In season 1, I noticed a big part of her character is her awful teeth. She’s a former meth addict.

Okay, spoiler alert.

200_sPicture source

After she gets beat up by Piper & is left out on the snowfield, we see her face bleeding everywhere. Well guess what? She goes to the oral surgeon in Season 2 and gets a brand new set of beamers. Pennsatucky starts smiling A LOT. And it’s not so creepy. Everything else about her character (skin, hair, no makeup) is the same. Her perfect teeth made all the difference.

tumblr_n6rsr9mSnf1qczbido1_1280-1024x572Picture source

What goes on in my dentist mind is this: Did she get everything extracted? And then dentures? Full arch implants? Some implants and a partial denture? Are we going to discuss her treatment plan?

I also came upon this Buzzfeed article: before and after pictures that prove good teeth can change your face. The photos were really cool but what really caught my eyes is this: someone in the comments section wrote that not everyone who can afford these treatments. Someone else noted that they are conscious about smiling with their teeth because of their teeth but don’t have the money.

Better teeth = more confidence? Definitely true for Pennsatucky who got the prison system to pay for her teeth. Look how happy she got.


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