Wednesday, June 25, 2014

what would you do if you weren’t a dentist?

It’s crazy to think this is my life.

Scrubs and loupes on, meeting new and old patients, flipping through radiographs… You know that question, what would you do if you weren’t a dentist? (Or in our case, what would you do if you weren’t in dental school?)

How about this guy?


When I was living in Houston I went to an Astros game and saw three hot sauces race around the field. It was hilarious.

I started working through The Desire Map this summer. Danielle LaPorte asks how you want to feel. Why do we chase the goals we set for ourselves? I love this way of thinking because this digs deep into the real reason behind we want certain things. Here’s what I mean.

- I make perpetual lists of restaurants to try & spots to check-out in Philly because I want to feel connected to my community.

- I make plans that are sometimes too specific to follow because I want to feel in control of my future.

- I make last-minute travel plans because I want to feel spontaneous.

And so on, you know. What I’m craving when I say “I want to be a hot sauce runner” is feeling fun and silly. And joyful! I don’t think I have to go out and call Taco Bell right now… but I see that being silly and fun is very important to me.

Here’s your turn: What would you do if you weren’t a dentist?
What feeling are you craving?


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