Wednesday, July 16, 2014

all moved in!

The day has finally arrived! I'm officially moved into my new grown-up apartment.

My classmates Henry and Gene agreed to help me out at 7AM on a Sunday. Moving is so much easier with muscle, speaking of which, I need to get back into BodyPump. My living room was filled with boxes paused in "mid-packing" mode for days before I moved everything into my new place.

As much as I'm excited to live alone, I'm going to miss random chats with my ex-roommate. And coming home to delicious meals he's cooked!!! I've always been so lucky with roommates and Ze was no exception. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt. I am learning to extend that grace to others.

My new place is sunny with high airy ceilings. I can't wait to decorate the place and make it look homely and lived-in. Although, however creative I try to decorate my living places, they always end up looking like a page out of Pottery Barn kids.

I love this Austin apartment from Apartment Therapy. Neutral background with tons of fun details. I love it when friends' apartments have tons of stuff to look at. 

tons of fun patterns and unique textures

(Most of their stuff is from Target and Ikea!!!)

The first night I moved in, it thunder stormed like crazy. My phone actually beeped three times really loud (the weather warning for flash floods) and I jumped a foot. But it was so lovely watching it rain and thunder from my window: a perfect welcome gift from Mother Nature.

For the next few weeks, I'm going to be focusing on the NBDE Part 1. I feel like I've gotten a huge task out of the way with completing my move!

What phrase would you use to describe your apartment?
Where do you find your decorating inspirations?


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