Tuesday, July 29, 2014

braces update- it's been a while.

This is my study break! Trying to make this quick then back to focus foxing. ;-)

I haven't written about my braces in a long time- since this May when Dave sent me the snake picture, I'm in month 21 of my orthodontic treatment. Meanwhile, I have bent wires, made lingual retainers, and gotten enough blisters to be a real orthodontist. 

Some of my classmates have gotten their braces off and they look so great. They are also able to eat apples/greens/chips freely without a toothbrush on hand. I love the experience of having braces (the luxury of snoozing in the dental chair once a month) and my orthodontist Helen is awesome as always. But I am getting a little impatient- sometimes I think I am never going to get these braces off.

Lots of things have changed: I am able to "bite the lettuce out of the sandwich". My sibilant sounds are crisper. I show a lot more upper teeth now (this makes me look younger).

I got some new elastics at my last appointment and realized that the 3M Elastics all have person names. I've moved on from Elliot to Bill and Fred (there's also Louie, Joe, and Cathy). So what does a girl have to do to get new elastics named after her?

I'm going to try to get some before & after pictures so I can show how much everything's changed. My astute dental classmates come up to me all the time and tell me my teeth look so much better, but I wonder if regular non-dental people can tell the difference. For me, the biggest improvement has definitely been function (over aesthetics)- pizzas, I'm not afraid of you anymore.


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