Tuesday, July 8, 2014

learning to pace clinic/"work"

Happy July everybody! I got a new Macbook over the weekend and while I love most things about this computer, I haven't been able to find a Mac substitute for Windows Live Writer. So my posts may look a little funny next few weeks as I figure out how to work with Blogger. 

(Okay, this to me already looks a little funny. But we'll keep going...)

I started referring to dental school as "work" to everybody. For example, I'll say things like "I have work early tomorrow!" and "Work felt really long today", etc etc. I think I've said this already but I'll say it again: it's pretty wonderful being in clinic. Having an entire body- a whole person- attached to the mouth we're treating is so great. That sounds weird, but here's what I mean: I have people who bring me puny jokes and family pictures and travel stories. It's not just #15 MOD amalgam please.

Some of my patients are quickly becoming my favorite people. Today I scheduled my patient's next visit for September and was sort of sad doing that. ("So... we'll chat again in two months?")

In addition to clinic, I'm squeezing in study time for my boards too. Some people (like Sharon!) are already done with their boards. I'm going to really enjoy my August when time comes.

There's so many cool things I'm learning about clinic, dentistry, and patient care I want to share with you guys! But I don't want to provoke the HIPAA (I always picture a big hippo when I say this) and I sometimes wonder if my excitement is a little bit premature. I've only been seeing patients for a month. But I'll say this: clinic is a whole new ball park altogether. Sources of frustration arise from things I can't change such as insurance, money, or even just plain anatomy. 

Lan sent me these firework pictures from Florida. Nothing's new about fireworks. But everything's different.
And that's sort of how I hope to feel about clinic. Every day may be the same. Or every appointment is different. 

It's so windy outside right now! I'm pretty sure all of the papers in my living room just flew everywhere... Hope everyone's enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend! And for those of you working hard on dental school applications, hang in there.