Sunday, July 20, 2014

Scenes from summer dental school life

I am officially ten days away from taking my NBDE Part 1- the boards! This post is picture heavy so I can finish up my Dental Decks before going to bed tonight. 

I studied outside this morning and the weather was unbelievable. It was in the 70's and I was almost chilly with my iced coffee! Perfect running weather... but I was studying. :-(

One of our dental school rotations is Admissions/Emergency. It is exactly what it sounds like: we admit patients who come to the dental school to become patients or to have their emergency pain address. We do a very thorough medical history work-up with these patients and everything we learned the past two years come back: drug interactions, modifications for diabetic patients, intra/extraoral exams, and cancer screenings. I'm learning a LOT.

Bri came by my clinic one day and snapped some pictures of me working hard. I wish I'd been doing something cool like gold inlays and looking intense but I think I'm just doing a medical update... Most of what I'm doing this summer is prophylaxis and scaling/root planing. 

I did laundry this weekend and it was all: our neon blue scrubs, cami's and socks. Wearing scrubs (and not business casual) makes doing laundry extremely easy. 

That's it! Back to memorizing the tooth eruption sequence. This week I'm excited about seeing the art in my back yard progress. My new neighbor is an artist and he's working on a new piece this week. Oh and of course my last week of clinic!!! and all my August-clinic friends coming back in town- ;-) They may be sad about their vacation ending but I'm excited to have them back in Philly.


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