Saturday, July 19, 2014

settling into my new apt (starting last week of summer session)

We have one more week left of clinic! And then I’m officially done for the summer. I love my new apartment although there’s no pets allowed. Good thing I have friends with beautiful furry guys who’ll let me walk them. Like this Milo here (he has the sweetest face!):


I love taking care of little doggies! Although I won’t have a dog for a long time, maybe it’s good that I can return said dog at the end of the day. 


This week was all packing and all moving. I have a HUGE closet and my excessive wardrobe fit in completely- with room to spare. At my old apartment, my dresses and wardrobes always seemed to be overflowing with clothes- but here, my clothes don’t seem as many. That might be dangerous. ;) Same clothes, different closet. It makes them seem smaller here in my new place.

My brother Mark told me to listen to Kevin Smith’s smodcast: “What is Kevin Smith Thinking?”. He talks about “cognitive reframing”. After his first movie was a disappointment (he thought so anyway), Kevin Smith was saying things like, “I made a movie and it failed”. But then he started seeing what had actually happened: he had made a freakin’ movie! In the 10,000 you’re learning to be good at something, you’re bound to fail. 

So… the mistakes I’m making in clinic are all part of me becoming a dentist. From competent to proficient to exceptional.

Here’s something beautiful to end my post: I celebrated my new apartment with these mixed flowers from the farmer’s market. It’s so beautiful in Philly this week! Studying indoors is hard when it’s gorgeous sunny 80’s. One and a half weeks until my boards!