Thursday, August 7, 2014

checking in with MJ: what's in my (dental school) bag

I have a treat for you guys today! I love learning about the every day things of people I admire. Like what Arianna Huffington ate for breakfast or what Jenna Lyons is having for lunch

I asked my classmate MJ Anderson to show me what's inside her dental school bag for the summer! We traveled to DC together twice (first for Nike Women's Half and second for ASDA Lobby Day) and she's always confident & put together. So here's a peak inside MJ's bag- I'm loving the colorful prints...

Between caring for patients in clinic, balancing classwork and studying, fitting in a quick workout, and dashing across town to run an errand, some days it feels like I live out of my bag! My sister teases me that every time she calls, I'm power walking to or from school. Recognizing our busy schedule as dental students, my sister gave me an awesome Vera Bradley laptop backpack in a cheerful yellow print that conveniently hides how well-loved it is.

Inside I tote more than a few staples, including (clockwise from upper right):

1. My daily stack of dental decks for the NDBE Part I
2. Post-it notes, for those pesky cards that I don't know as well
3. Papermate Ink Joy pens (my classmates have instilled a bad habit)
4. A flash drive in case I want to travel light without my laptop
5. A pack of tissues for overly air conditioned classrooms
6. Earplugs for days that I want to study in a buzzing coffee shop
7. Band-aids, because you never know!
8. Septa subway tokens in case I want to escape downtown after a long day
9. Ear buds, in case I was to study in a library while pretending it's a buzzing coffee shop
10. Trident gum, because 9/10 dentists recommending sugar free gum (kidding! sort of)
11. Burt's Bees chapstick and Julep lip gloss
12. An iPad, because I love to travel light
13. Healthy snacks; Chiobani yogurt, Simple bars, and Perfect Fit are all favorites
14. My student ID
15. It's handy to carry a few spare tea bags for the student on a budget
16. A cloth to clean my eyeglasses- which also comes in handy for my iPad
17. A water bottle- I love the collapsible ones that you can roll up from Platypus

With this level of preparedness, I feel like I would make the Boy Scouts proud; but at least I'm always ready what whatever the day throws my way.

As much as I love seeing patients in clinic, I'm not complaining about having a little break this month. I am home in Upstate NY for the month of August, relaxing with my family.  I am embracing not having a schedule and am spending as much time as possible outside; I've been doing a lot of hiking in the Adirondacks this summer and have begun preparing for a few upcoming races this fall.  I've also found time to pick up my paintbrushes again, which I normally don't find time for during the academic year. I wholeheartedly believe we all need time off to tap into our creative, energetic sides again.


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