Sunday, August 31, 2014

when do you feel grown-up?

Do you ever feel like your age just catches up to you? I've been feeling very old-soul this weekend. I used to listen to NPR at my 6AM lifeguarding shifts. One of the coaches always teased me, asking "Do you also hate chocolate chip cookies?" He would ask, "Do you also hate fluffy puppies?"

Lately I've been feeling it a lot. I think it's my new apartment and my new grown-up responsibilities. I'm reading this book "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking" by Allen Carr.  A friend successfully quit smoking cold turkey with this book and recommended it to me the future dentist. Reading it, I've been asking myself... I have my own bad habits and vices I can't break. Who am I to tell someone what to do (or not to do)?

Now I'm finding myself shopping for a matching dinner set (!!!!) and looking up home deco tips. All while yawning at 10PM on a weekend night.

It's that customer service phone call (assertive and courteous!), finding the perfect gift for your brother, pulling off a home-cooked meal for two. Looking forward to early Sunday mornings and celebrating with some wine (not shots). Sometimes I feel very 25 going on 50. I think what I miss most about being young is the careless laughter. Making a big mess and not worrying hours ahead about the clean-up...


  1. My older brother was often the same way. He is a middle aged dentist but he is still very much a kid at heart. He still loves the job he has had for years. I'm just glad he invites me to come with him to Disney land.

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