Wednesday, September 3, 2014

being back in the dental school classroom

As third year dental students, we are back in the classroom for first two weeks. Having a long weekend right after a hectic full-day schedule was wonderful. Dave asked me if I was going to post his pre-dental admissions advice series (because it's been Tuesdays with Dave) and I had to admit I wasn't... Let's skip a week, please?


We learned about pericoronal abscesses... which actually happened to Enstin. She and I've been discussing her upcoming third molar extractions. I can actually address her concerns and answer her dental questions! I didn't know how much I knew, but I realize I've been steeping in all this dentistry/oral surgery/pathology knowledge! It's pretty wonderful...

What to do when you lose a tooth: FYI. Replant and water every day until it grows up nice and strong. Give sunshine.

Pretty soon we'll be back in clinic and taking exams! And studying hard and drinking tons of coffee and maybe looking half as chic as this (is V watching youtube videos???):

I've been helping a friend with his own application ( & hopefully admission) process and the excitement is rubbing off on me in the most wonderful way. I'm remembering what it felt like to WANT to be in so bad. With every interview trip, it was like trying on new shoes. What would my life look like if I went here? If I lived in this city, in this climate? 

For those of you who are in dental school, is your life what you expected it to be? How is it better and/or different? I finally finished Thinking Fast and Slow (my brother making book recommendations- isn't he so grown-up?) and Kahneman says people overestimate the amount of happiness one happy event will bring. The happiness peaks and then quickly fades away to baseline. But recalling those moments can rejuvenate you. What's that quote about not going to sleep because reality is better than your dreams? I felt that way when I first got that "You're accepted!" phone call. How did you celebrate your acceptances when that call/email/letter came? Sending in your final "I'll come here!" deposit?


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