Sunday, September 14, 2014

"Yes, I want braces!"

I remember when I first went in for my ortho consult. Several dental students stood over me and discussed whether or not I was a candidate for braces. I remember catching terms like "open-bite", "mouth-breather" and "retained mamelons". Hint: if you see these rough edges on your front teeth, you might have an open bite (aka can't bite the lettuce in sandwiches):

Just two years later, I'm on the other side of the chair- quite literally. We had our first orthodontic rotation this week and our job was to diagnose malocclusion in potential orthodontics patients.

It was kind of fun! Because these kiddos came in SO enthusiastic and happy, care-free. I'd ask, "So, do you want braces?" and each one of them answered a big happy "YES!"- peer pressure is an amazing thing. They asked me if I got to choose my band colors and if the bands came in their favorite color. It was hard not to let that enthusiasm spill over. "Yeah I love my braces!" I'd think, "It's so much fun."

I just got my own reminder phone call from Penn about my ortho appointment for this week. It feels like I just had my last ortho appointment (I count my days in two ways: my ortho appointments and running out of coffee.) I'm at that point where I nervously walk into each visit wondering if I'll hear the magical words today ("de-bond").


  1. Love the way you create a post. I enjoyed reading. I also had braces, I'm happy when there are so many colors blend.:D Thanks for Estetico Manila for taking care my teeth.

    1. I never did the crazy stripes combination! Thought I was too grown-up for that fun-ness.

  2. Kids are really enthusiastic by nature, and I can just imagine how you enjoyed your session with them. Good thing you were able to answer them positively, and totally encouraged them to get braces if they needed to. I believe you’ll be a great and trustworthy dentist in the future. Good luck, Yesle! And congratulations for finishing your braces treatment. :)

    Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist

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