Thursday, October 9, 2014

evening clinics

Quick post update before going to be tonight, this will be super short so I can sleep soon! I've gotten into this awful habit of sleeping late, waking up late. Sometimes days feel too long when I have both classes and patients, so I've been snoozing my way through the 8AM classes- oops!

I did my first evening clinic session last week! A patient wanted to finish their treatment for a special event coming up so I had them stay beyond our usual 5PM deadline. A friend brought me some cookies that afternoon so I took a mini break eating these amazing oatmeal toffee cookies... and after. Actually it was like my patient happened to be sandwiched between my two cookie-eating sessions.

Can you see the dark windows outside? It was past 7PM when I wrapped up and left. Evening sessions are optional for us third year dental students... but I kind of liked it! It's a lot more quiet & getting to work with different faculty can be interesting. Everyone is great at something and it's fun seeing different teaching styles and expert knowledge.

Of course I got home to this mess. I've been going through a MAJOR closet overhaul. Looking at this picture I'm realizing how much of my stuff is bright and patterned. I started listening to this great podcast called The Wardrobe Code. Nicole gives great advice such as: buy the best shoes you can afford and shop in your own closet by putting away some pieces regularly. Naturally I was inspired to edit my own wardrobe one impulsive evening. It's been frustrating at times but so eye-opening. Oh and can you spot something cute and furry in this picture?

The in-progress phase is the messiest. But I'm lucky that Penn has a mandatory scrubs policy because I don't think I wore anything other than scrubs + PJ's for a whole week. It was scrubs, pajamas, and repeat.

About evening clinic though- I keep thinking about how regular business hours don't work for most people. When I was working, I had to schedule my dentist appointments at 7AM. I could open a practice that's open 6AM-10AM & 6PM-10PM. That's a solid eight hours & I could be a free person during the day. Now if I can only stop yawning as soon as 9PM hits...


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