Friday, October 31, 2014

NYC: the cronut.

We had a chance to breathe last weekend with no exams in the horizon. Lan and I took off to NYC where we finally got to try those famous CRONUTS and I got to see the 9/11 memorial.

I especially loved the High Line! I love both the idea and the execution. You could see train rails peeking out between the greenery.

The current cronut flavor was pumpkin chai. Was it worth waiting in line for an hour in the freezing cold 50 degrees? Heck yes. Our photos after getting the cronut have us all red-eyed and frozen-smiled...

Perfect getaway for the weekend. I'm really starting to see NYC as a potential residency spot. Good news: since New York requires dentists to complete a year of residency before practicing, there are tons of spots. If I do make it out here, you'll probably find me outside Dominique Ansel's bakery every Saturday morning at 8AM... wanna wait in line together?

I must say this about the cronut: what an excellent marketing success! The hype, the myth, the secret and the glamour (Je voudrais un croissant!) elevated this simple pastry into a legend. We're trying something similar in my clinic (psttt: and I wonder how much value is in the essence of things and how much in its halo.