Thursday, October 16, 2014

wanderlust externships

At Penn dental, fourth year dental students are required to go on 4-week externships at other hospitals. Many of them are domestic (Alaska? Brooklyn? North Carolina?) but some are international. We just had an info session about dental externships yesterday and I'm getting so excited about the possibitilies. Traveling! Learning! Airplanes and new cities!!!

Part of me wants to pick a hospital based on what I want to learn, areas of learning I want to supplement. By the time I leave, I'll be a fourth year counting down the months until graduation!!! So I need to learn to do X and Y and get ready for the real world... but another part of me wants to pick the most exotic, unexpected place and go on an adventure. 

The choices are both good and good. Maybe I just like playing with the possibilities and get to have two daydreams. 


  1. I hadn't known that dentists do this as part of their training. I think it's a good idea. They get some exposure to multiple environments and get a bigger idea of how to do different techniques.

  2. Come back to Houston, you can live with me!! :)

  3. That is an enlightening read. Dentists should get a lot of respect. Taking care of people's teeth is not a menial job. It takes a near-lifetime of experience to really pull that off. That's not even the end of dental service. Anyway, I'm wishing you the best of luck in your academic journey. Kudos!

    Leigh Hamilton @ Arbor Ridge Family Dental

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