Saturday, November 15, 2014

reading rounds

I'm starting a new series of fun reads I find around the web. There's such good profiles out there about women I admire & the culture of success. 

1. I get that it's a challenge for a leader to be genuine and caring, while getting things done. (Hasn't everyone hated that person in high school group projects who's sending follow-up emails by the hour?) But it's tricky because "striving for likability may carry a whiff of fakeness"...  How does Jenny Lyons do it? All the while looking impeccable in her big glasses and preppy-chic outfits. 

2. Has it hit you that Taylor Swift is our age? Actually, she is younger than me by six months... sometimes I wonder what she's doing this very moment- probably recording the next big hit or hanging out with her many famous bff's. Sigh. "Next to Lorde, the rest of us look like schlubs"... both to the older generations out there and to ourselves. How to make sense of this new trend and use this as motivation.
How the Cult of Early Success is Bad for Young People... at Time.

3.  I love this: (Question was "What advice do you have for developing your own style as a young entrepreneur?" )
"Your style can be an artistic part of your personal leadership journey. Who do you want to be and what do you want to be known for? Style belongs to the last piece of that multivariate puzzle that includes and begins with how you treat people, how you navigate challenges, and how you express yourself."
Levo League founder Caroline Ghosn's Power Outfit... at Levo League

4. Also this gem... mourn that the professional-you could never get this crazy awesome haircut like Robert Pattison's.


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