Wednesday, November 12, 2014

two questions over coffee: why do you blog?

Last weekend I went to a Halloween party and met someone who was visiting Philly. She was a reader of this blog & it was crazy and fun to meet someone in such a random place (Hi Tina!!!). Since I get such fun questions via email/twitter, I'll start answering some of your questions publicly on my blog.

About that Halloween party, I went as Wilson from Castaway. Extra points for you if you guessed that from my clues on twitter! I had seen a picture of someone dressed as Wilson and wanted to go as one half of the greatest love story known to mankind.

Here we go:

Why do you blog? How did you start blogging?

I've kept a journal since 6. In college I wrote a blog about everyday college musings (xoxoyesle) & started this blog because I wanted to read about dental school life! After starting d-school, blogging became a great way for me to reflect on my daily happenings (in a positive way as imagined by an outside observer). It was also a great way to keep up with family and friends.

I love that I'm developing my own voice as a writer. I also love connecting with people through the blog! In addition, blogging has been an expansive learning opportunity for me. In addition to becoming a stronger (more confident) writer, I've learned some coding, SEO, and online marketing.

How much free time do you have? What do you do in your free time?

To be honest with you, this is a question I've been finding myself asking. Third year has opened up a lot more free time. I work hard during the week (I'm in dental school mode) and try to take my weekends off completely. Right now it's running and friends. Fall in Philadelphia is the perfect setting for running and I love jogging along the river.

The world is a big place and so many of my loved ones live far away. I spend a lot of time on Skype and on the phone... and I love traveling and visiting them whenever I can.

Oh, and last week I baked a pie. For the first time in my life! Trying new things (most of them food) is a great joy of mine.

That's it for this week. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to me via email or twitter. Good night lovelies!