Monday, December 8, 2014

Hanging out with Jordan the future orthodontist

I have a special post today! Because I got called out by Jordan that "posts have been slacking lately", I decided to recruit his help. So here it is: why he's glad he's going to orthodontics, what he does in his free time, and why every ramen needs an egg.

Meet Jordan K. Graduate of UVA '12, master of rhythm and rhyme (most of these I've transcribed word for word...), future orthodontist. Today we had our oral surgery rotation together and between extractions and consults we talked about d-school life, with comments from Brian, Matt, and Jay. 

Studying the skill... not talking about football: from L- Brian, Jordan, Matt.

Yesle: So how is third year going?
Jordan: It's good, although not conducive to napping. If I nap, it's from 5-8PM after class, then I gotta wake up, eat my ramen noodle with an egg, study, gotta watch my SportsCenter... (Brian and Matt comment on the egg) Yeah, the egg exponentially increases the nutritional value of the gourmet noodle.
Matt: I just sleep in on my days off. Napping is a sun-dependent thing. 
Jordan: Yeah, days off area awesome. I go to the 8-10 class, go to the gym- you can just say that I read study guides on the elliptical... well that's a lie.
And about clinic- yes, I'm not going to be doing fillings as an orthodontist, but I appreciate that fact, that I won't be doing these things.
Yesle: How did you get into orthodontics? Why do you wanna be an orthodontist? (Oh side note, Jordan and I had braces for almost the same period of time. Then he got his off early and left me in teeth prison.)
Jordan: I like to move'em teeth. I had braces twice, first because of my Class III and second time in dental school. I like that no one's scared of going to the orthodontist. 
Jay: What about when people get them tightened? Doesn't that hurt? 
Here Jordan brought out his future ortho hat and explained that either the change in wire material or the change in thickness causes increased tension on the brackets, making the patient feel like the wires had been "tightened up".
Matt: So did you take ortho class seriously?
J: Yeah, and I've been paying attention to ortho over the years. 
I need to comment here that Jordan and I were discussing the Tetralogy of Fallot later and Jordan could name- off the top of his head- the first two conditions of the four characteristics. I was just glad I remembered how to say "Fallot".

Although he's so darn humble, I'm sure he'll have a reason to celebrate come next year's ortho residency match day. THANK YOU to Jordan (and Matt and Brian and Jay) for talking with me and making sure I'm up to date on my blogging.

Yeah, this photo is totally not staged.


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