Saturday, December 6, 2014

life on hold: home envy

Happy weekend! It's raining outside and I've got jazz music playing in the background. Yesterday I finally beat 2048! It took many hours (basically all my hours spent at the airport) but the moment was triumphant and glorious, just like I had imagined.

I'm starting to think more about the future: you know, my fourth year externships, where to do my general practice residency, if I am even sure about doing a GPR (and not specializing)... I'm hoping to make some soft decisions soon.

I think I've gushed about her before, but I was looking at Alaina Kaczmarski's home office evolution (she's the co-founder of The Everygirland gosh her apartment is beautiful. As someone who has major apartment envy and yet not a single major furniture to her name, I was feeling... uncomfortable, jealous, and perhaps even like a hypocrite.

Did I tell you my friend is thinking about buying a house? She's been working for four years now and she's getting married but you know, she's my age. Meanwhile I'm clipping photos of inspirations and wall art for a home I don't know when I'll have. It all makes me very serious. 

Despite all this, I'm trying to have faith. That things will work out, that I'll be doing something I love in two years. That I'll be living in a sunny airy apartment with a chandelier and a yellow couch in the living room. Complete with a cat in the corner.

And here's a positive spin: I'll be making those purchases after I've developed and curated my own style. For example, I love complementary colors adjacent to each other like this purple and yellow flowers I picked up this morning. So I need to get a purple chandelier... or a purple cat?

What life goals and aspirations do you feel you've put on hold? 
How do you still make these part of your everyday life?


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