Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving break in Orlando

While I was seeing my afternoon patient (impressions guns I hated you that day), my flight got cancelled. Alex couldn't reach me so she booked me another later flight and by the time I'd cleaned up, everything was magically taken care of.  After all the craziness, I made it into Orlando at 3 in the morning.

Four amazing days with this girl! The interactive wands are genius. For a moment I couldn't help but suspend my reality and gasp in wonder at all the magic around me.

As a future dentist I can't help but find these things the funniest...

Meanwhile tons of you got into dental schools (AHHH!) and residencies (AHHHH!). Hope you had a relaxing break before the BIG phone call. I'm so excited to hear all about the good news (and the tough decisions) you guys are making!!!

Frolicking (ahem, I'm trying to desensitize myself with this word) around Universal Studios I found this sign and it's really true...

The best part of the trip wasn't the roller coasters (I went on everything while Alex held my stuff and watched) or the crazy shopping deals, it was coming back to our hotel room at 7PM and getting underneath the covers and laughing at the silly goat commercials. Sometimes a vacation away from absolutely everything... is just what the doctor ordered.