Tuesday, January 27, 2015

relationships keep you safe.

Happy snow day! We at Penn dental got to enjoy all the perks of having a snow day without actual snow. I got to sweat it out in the morning and catch up on pop culture

This weekend we had our ASDA District 3 meeting at Temple Dental. Ricardo Fontoura, our District 3 Trustee, talked about the importance of relationships. And thinking about the tragedies and hardships I've seen in our dental community, I know what he said to be true: relationships keep you safe.

Whether it's a close friend checking in casually, a total stranger asking how you're doing, or a professor concerned about a sudden drop in an exam grade, these interactions kept me going. Even if you were numb about the frustration in your life, an outside person asking you to reflect on your wellness is a good (often much needed) pause.

I've talked about mental health before on this blog and it's a HUGE part of my life and everyday conversation. I'm lucky in that my friends and I talk about happiness, self-improvement, those feel-good-questions all the time. I now have better clarity on why first two years were so darn hard on me (I'd never felt so personally criticized) but I still have my moments. But I'll say this again: exposing that vulnerable part of yourself is a strength, extending that invitation to let others in. 

If you haven't gotten your copy of ASDA's Mouth, check it out online. It's an entire issue dedicated to wellness. It's just wonderful. And I encourage you to talk about emotional wellness with your friends and classmates. You can even reach out to me via email and chat.

Here's something I saw at Temple: Meditation/Quiet Room. I love this idea! A safe place to go, collect your thoughts, and emerge a little lighter...

How do you keep your mental health in check? 
How would you rate your mental wellness this moment: 1-10?


  1. This is good. I need to focus more on wellness, and not just simply on self-improvement.
    Thanks, Yelse.

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