Thursday, February 12, 2015

what would your perfect day look like?

In my last post, I told you that I became more sure about why I wanted to stay in dental school. Here's an imaginary exercise I did: I envisioned my most perfect day ever. And it still included dental school!!! It had me waking up early enough to go to the empty gym and enjoying a leisurely dinner with friends. But still, dental school in between.

I was reading Kate Mara's interview in this month's Women's Health and she says her perfect day would be working out, walking the dogs, etc, nothing extraordinary or fancy. I think with growing up comes owning up to what you like. I feel confident enough to say, "no thanks, I don't really enjoy those things and I am going to pass."

Case in point, I have been looking forward to this weekend's sleeping in, all week long. Literally daydreaming about it. I'm dreaming in details too: blocking the sunlight with my soft comforter, waking up to the-already-bright outside, no alarm clock, just melting into my thirty pillows, things like that... and a cute little kitten wouldn't hurt either. 


  1. Getting your exercise is definitely important for a dentist. Leaning over while working can be really hard on a person's back, so stretching and getting exercise should be part of a dentist's routine.

  2. My perfect day consists of Zumba, hanging out at the park with my family, a little studying, and dinner with my husband. I'm not in dental school yet but it's great that it has become apart of the things you just like to do. I hope it's like that for me.

    1. Sounds like being active & spending time with loved ones is important for you. When you're in dental school, quality over quantity will keep you happy!!


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  7. I don't really know my perfect day look like. If I spend a day to clean my house and do all the work, I would feel tired but I also happy. If I spend a day to do what I like such as watching movie, eat somethings I like, I feel lazy and I will regret a unproductive day later :)
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