Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Applying to the medically compromised clinic

Dr. Yesle Kim- Not quite yet. 

I feel inspired. I want to stay up all night to search the internet about a certain future glitter.

It’s been a while since I felt that. But I caught it last week. After checking out Einstein’s residency program, I began thinking about applying to Penn’s Medically Complex Clinic. Patients in this clinic require special attention such as needing lab updates every 3 months. Fourth years at Penn can apply to see patients one day a week in this MCC.

I want to do my general dentistry residency in a hospital. If anything, I want to confidently treat patients with complex medical histories. When I heard about this, I felt this was what I’d been looking for. When Dr. Newell tells us to have that “swagger”, I think this is what he means. Feeling unstoppable, like I can make things happen for me in my life. That faith.

I wrote my personal statement (part of the application) in a cozy coffee shop one afternoon. I was typing away all my emotions, hoping my pages would catch this excitement I was pouring out. The application process wraps up in a few weeks & I’ll find out by end of this month. So this is something I’m admitting on this blog before I know the outcome. A small fear is that I won’t get it, and now you guys will know about my failure. But maybe that could be a story in itself, an honest account of my dental school life. Story is to be continued. So keep me in your thoughts and wish me luck please!

When’s the last time you felt inspired and unstoppable? When work didn’t feel like work?


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