Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some smiles, some tears.

AQ reminded me that it's been a month since I last posted! To be completely honest, blogging just fell through the cracks while I was hosting some lovely ladies, riding through our exam marathon, and catching up on clinic. Third year of dental school is such a roller coaster ride. Some days I am joyous. Other days, I want to crawl on the floor and put my hot cheeks on the cold, cold ground.

Some noteworthy things have happened though, like me burning my hand in clinic. This was a silly freak accident! I had to leave my patient, file an incident report, and walk to Student Health while crying and laughing. My hand hurt SO bad but I couldn't believe what had happened- and that this had happened to me.

Even just last week, my faculty was asking me about "your hurt" and "the trauma". Such dramatic words but for five minutes that afternoon, I was sitting on my chair just dripping tears onto my lap. The memory makes me laugh (and cry) because ridiculous things happening = just part of dental school life. Now my colleagues have seen the worst of me...

I keep thinking about why I'm in dental school. Besides the main reason that I'm not a senior yet (gotta hit that 1500 points!), what am I trying to learn here? I want to have a deliberate reason for coming to 40th and Locust every morning. 

Dental school experience can be isolating. It's hard for me to speak to my non-dental friends because everything I do has become so technical! For example, I can't explain to my boyfriend why a last-minute change from resin to amalgam was frustrating. Or the difficulties of trying to do a Class III on a crowded anterior. 

My classmate made this foil flower for me in clinic. 

It's an emotional roller coaster. I'm trying my best to be patient with those around me & to grant them attention and love. When I'm freaking out about the number of fillings I've done this month (ONE) and how many denture cases I need (SEVEN), I remember what my faculty said: "There's class, clinic, and the real important stuff."

But it's spring. My favorite flower vendor is back at the Farmer's Market. And it's impossible to be sad when there are literally flowers raining all over you on your walk home. I'm also finally getting this pottery stuff. I just threw a cupcake holder this afternoon & have the cutest plate on my coffee table now- I actually teared up when I saw that plate. Yeah, that emotional roller coaster (aka dental school) leaves your emotion meter all confused.

Iced coffee, running in shorts, pink, and orange. Everything is good.