Sunday, June 21, 2015

my tooth extraction experience

It's the summer! Going to school in bright sunshine makes everything better. Even when we're leaving early to prepare for that 8AM patient, nothing's bad when you're sipping on iced coffee. I'm slowly nibbling my way through my summer to-do list, all the things to be checked off before leaving to externship. Update tidbits:

- Pottery is going wonderfully. Now that cylinders have become easy, I want to leave my comfort zone and push myself to fail (sometimes). Pottery has been such a metaphor for personal growth in my life.

- For the first time, I signed up for a CSA share. Every week this summer, I get a box of surprise vegetable and fruits from a local farm. I've been getting my three servings a day with fun new veggies such as rhubarb, fennel, garlic scapes...

- The career trifecta of patients, boards, and post-graduation plans. This could be another post in itself because I have nightmares about one of those three any given night: "what do you mean I didn't submit a preauthrotization?" One step at a time, with lots of sticky notes, planning sessions, and cheeky pens. And tons of support from friends. 

- Losing that pesky #16. My teeth are all sorts of weird, you know, so my third molar started giving me trouble at age 26 when I was out of town. Huge perk about being a dental student: you can extract your own wisdom tooth! Nah, but I got a consult for myself ("patient is a 26 y/o Asian female...") and scheduled an extraction in our oral surgery clinic. In and out in minutes, with the help of three wonderful dental student assistants who did my work-up, gave me moral support, took sneaky photos... 

Isn't this the cutest little tooth pebble you've seen?

- Being a lion. There was a time I couldn't sleep well on Monday and Tuesday nights, my head filling up with all the details of next day's appointments. Being a lion means having that swagger, not because you got the fanciest mane or the sharpest teeth, but because you know in your heart of hearts that you can do this. As Dr. N says, "don't let a tooth beat you." 

Also remembering to laugh through it all. Because (okay, maybe my boyfriend is right and I am obsessed with our Group 58 Lion #cult) as Dr. N says, "what's the point if you're not having fun?"