Sunday, July 5, 2015

Busy month ahead

Last month passed by with one post. Rather than feeling bad, I have accepted that writing will be slow during this part of my life. I've been tweeting a lot more instead! After all, this month I'm looking forward to wrapping up three things: summer session of clinic, NBDE boards II, and application (some). I'll be out of the country before this month is over.

In our group, we have a fun little tradition for the seniors. Those who hit 700 points by the summer party get a celebratory Group 58 T-shirt. Last week, my professor was joking that he didn't have to put in too many orders for the senior shirt this year (implying that not many people had hit 700 points...) The thing is, my group has been HUSTLING. Every time I go to grab a professor, I peek into the mouths my friends are working on- amazing work.

Group 58 at the 2014 holiday party

Having dentistry nightmares has become a regular thing. Last night, I dreamt that the composite balls were literally walking out of my preparation, defying all laws of gravity. Just the other day, my favorite hygienist walked over. "Do you remember last summer when you sat in that same chair? And had a real difficult time with your first cleaning?" I've forgotten chunks of last summer- perhaps deliberately. I remember feeling very nervous and trying very hard to hide that in front of my faculty and my patients. 

According to the Dalai Lama (who's visiting Philly this fall), since hardships are rare in most peoples' lives, these can be important opportunities to examine self, develop traits, and build karma. Then Taylor Swift says in an interview that her job is easy. As a happy and comfortable dental student, my struggles are not really real (board tests can be retaken, graduation happens- eventually) ... in this controlled context, I can still accept my challenges head-on and use these to grow. Now I wonder how many cavities the Dalai Lama and Taylor Swift have had.

This week I want to finish 40 pages of Mosby's, finalize my residency list, and finish my denture consults. I'm also giving myself a pat on the back for writing this! Off I go to plan out my Monday.


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