Saturday, July 25, 2015

exciting & eventful end to summer session

I woke up yesterday with a big smile. Last day of summer session, last day before I go on vacation. All day long, I kept announcing to everyone (as if they did not know already!!!) "today's the last day!" And later, recalling this week's events to Bri: "I can't believe I made it!"...

Dental school couldn't let me go without one last ba-bam. I had my first pulp exposure. This is the event every dental student fears: chasing the decay until the pulp is exposed. It's the Pandora's box that opens up to fun possibilities like root canal therapy, crown lengthening, extraction... But no demon jumped out at me- in fact, we had no bleeding.

I also got a concussion contusion and had to have Lan chaperone me to Student Health clinic. Not my first time crying in clinic... Sometimes all I can is laugh at the ridiculous things that happen to me.

Third is that my crowns did not fit. This is the first time that something from the dental lab didn't fit in the patient's mouth. We decided to send it back to the lab to be re-made. This is also where I recognize what I don't know: my faculty took one look and said, "we're sending it back." Recognizing when things can be fixed chairside versus re-made in the lab, that comes from experience.

Funny tidbit: when I went to the clinic to get my head checked out, the doctor asked me about POINTS. The dental students and their points-obsession, I had to laugh. I did not hit my points goal for the summer (no shirt for Yesle) but gosh I learned so much. I officially have nine months of school left (really eight, since we have winter break and things). I want to welcome criticism, keep a happy attitude, and become a creative problem solver.


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  2. "I want to welcome criticism, keep a happy attitude, and become a creative problem solver." Love it!
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