Sunday, September 20, 2015

Running around (literally)

Dental bits: 
1. Your bone starts to resorb once teeth are lost. Wearing dentures (and applying constant pressure) adds to this resorption. This is why we encourage patients to get root canals to save the teeth or get implants.
2. If you don't have enough bone, you can't place implants. Think of bone as the foundation for implants!

All of a sudden, the weather's become gorgeous. The heat in the air is gone and Philadelphia evenings hold the perfect running weather. Philadelphia is gearing up for the upcoming Pope Francis visit! Penn is officially closed on Friday but everyone is nervous about Monday too. The traffic is being rerouted all over the city (as far west as 38th street!) and people are told to prep for the weekend as if for hurricanes/snow emergencies.

Look at this new stage! Mark Wahlberg is hosting the concert on Saturday. Unexpected choice to say the least...

The essentials lined up on Chestnut St. 

After an entire summer of studying for the boards and seeing patients 3.5 days/week, I had crazy back pain when I first got to Botswana. I couldn't even do some of the moves in Zumba! I've been determined to move around more and enjoy the beautiful Philadelphia nature before I (possibly) move next year. Besides, it is SUCH a luxury to be running around outdoors- with music, in the dark, along spontaneous routes- none of which I could do safely in Botswana.

Inspired by our Zumba song: "Whistle "While You Work It", I'm trying to have more fun. For example, one day I went on a hunt around the dental school to find triple trays. These trays which eliminate the need to take three impressions: PVS final impression, bite registration, and counter model. We don't have any in our regular clinics, so after peeking my head into several clinics, I was super tickled when I finally found one. We ended up not using it (plastic is too flexible), but this mini treasure hunt was super fun.

I will say: fourth year has been pretty crazy so far. I've been busier time-wise my first two years of dental school. But there are tons of things to keep track of: residency deadlines, licensing exams, competency exams, patient things, that are solely my responsibility. I can't turn to my classmate and ask when X is due... because everything is different for everyone. For example, my residency app deadlines are just coming up while my classmates have either gotten accepted (!!!) or are interviewing right now.


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  3. Im starting dental school in August. What type of residency did you apply to? BTW I LOVE your blog

  4. Im starting dental school in August. What type of residency did you apply to? BTW I LOVE your blog

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